New Build Warehouse Pollution, South-West

Our consultancy was recently hired by the owners of a warehouse company to investigate pollution in their surface water interceptor. They had received complaints from local residents and were concerned about the potential impact on the environment. After conducting initial investigations, we found that the warehouse was discharging high levels of ammonia into the surface water interceptor.

To assess the overall damage caused by the ammonia discharge, we undertook a source pathway receptor investigation on the catchment, sampling in the surface water interceptor, the surface water detention basins, and the local watercourse. We took multiple samples of water from these locations and analysed them with our laboratory partner to determine the level of pollution caused by ammonia.

Providing investigative pollution prevention, we were able to give advice on what impact the client caused and how to approach the regulator. It was recommended that immediate action was undertaken and the polluting discharge was stopped. In the interim, a third party tanker company was able to remove any damaging pollutants from the surface water interceptor. 

Our investigation revealed that the warehouse, which initially thought they were polluting the catchment, had a negligible effect on it. However, without our investigation, they would be unable to prove this if they came under legal proceedings by the regulator. 

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