Permit to Discharge Variation and Sewage Pollution Prevention, Cumbria Lakes

In recent years, UK holidaymakers have shown an increasing preference for staycations, with many choosing caravan parks as their leisure activity. This surge in demand requires proper wastewater management systems. Located in a largely protected area, the caravan park required an increase to their discharge limit set by their permit.  

After engaging with regulators to discuss the necessary increase and how we were planning on achieving the standards of discharge set, we came to an agreement. This permit was granted by the Environmental Agency, Natural EnglaExpert Witness & Mitigationnd, and the local authority. Regular correspondence with these regulatory bodies was necessary to ensure that the requirements of the permit were met.

To implement a scheme that met the standards of the new water discharge permit, we partnered with another firm and were able to design and construct a wastewater treatment system that could accommodate the fluctuating numbers of holidaymakers during peak and off-peak seasons.

The system consisted of a combination of a biological treatment plant which was specifically designed to handle high-strength effluent and could accommodate the peak-season flow. Meanwhile, meeting the strict discharge standards set by the regulatory bodies.

Despite the challenges presented with a leisure activity in a conservation zone and protected environment, we negotiated a way for the discharge to increase due to the increased capacity of the caravan park. The management remained committed to ensuring that the system met the required standards and continued to employ us to regularly monitor the plant. 


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