Phase 1 Site Investigation, Stoke

An old pottery factory in Stoke was a long-abandoned site that had been used for the production of ceramics for many decades. The client who commissioned the report was interested in developing the site for residential use, and prior to construction, requested a Phase 1 contaminated land assessment to identify any potential hazards or risks associated with the site.

Our team attended the site and carried out a comprehensive assessment of the area. We conducted a site walkover, reviewed available historical records, and consulted with local authorities and stakeholders to gain a full understanding of the site and its previous uses. During our assessment, we identified several potential areas of concern, including underground storage tanks, areas of previous waste disposal, and the presence of potentially hazardous substances such as ash deposits from two bottle kilns, asbestos, hydrocarbons and heavy metals.

To further investigate these concerns, we recommended a phase 2 investigation, which would involve soil sampling and laboratory analysis to confirm the presence and extent of any contamination. In addition, a watching brief was suggested to ensure any contamination that was found was recorded appropriately and we were alerted as soon as possible.

Based on our findings, we provided a detailed report outlining our recommendations for the safe and responsible development of the site. Overall, our Phase 1 contaminated land report provided the client with a comprehensive understanding of the potential hazards associated with the site, and laid the groundwork for the safe and responsible redevelopment of the old pottery factory in Stoke.


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