Planning and Permitting

Waste Management Permitting:

Proper waste management is crucial for businesses across various industries to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and minimise negative impacts on the environment.

Our team of experts is well-versed in waste management permitting processes, and can guide you through the necessary steps to either use and register ‘free to use’ waste exemptions, or if your operation is too large or complex, an environmental permit from the Environment Agency or Local Authority.

Whether you are a small business or a large industrial facility, we can help you develop effective waste management strategies, conduct impact assessments, and assist with the application process.

Benefits and summary of services provided:

  • Waste stream analysis and Characterisation
  • Exemption or Permit application preparation and submission
  • Supporting Environmental Management Systems and Fire Prevention Plans
  • Regulatory compliance assessments ahead of the first EA visit
  • End of Waste Protocols for soils and aggregates as well as compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Challenging inaccurate Compliance Assessment Reports issued by the EA

Flood Risk Permitting

Permit Application Preparation and Submission:

If your development requires an outfall to a watercourse or works on, or close to a watercourse, you will need a permit or an exemption from the Environment Agency or sometimes the Local Lead Flood Authority.

We assist our clients in preparing and submitting permit applications to the relevant regulatory authorities. Our experienced consultants are well-versed in the requirements and regulations specific to flood risk permitting. We ensure that all necessary documentation, including flood risk management plans, is properly completed, addressing key considerations such as flood zone designations, construction standards, and emergency response plans.

Planning Application Services

Preparation and Submission of Reports to Discharge Conditions:

Preparing a robust and well-supported planning application is crucial for success. Our team are used to supporting and working with planning consultants and will work closely with you to understand your objectives and develop a comprehensive application strategy.

Some of our Senior Associates have been planners or sat on Planning Committees – but please don’t hold that against them! It does however mean we know what it takes to conduct site assessments and evaluate the findings against local and national planning policies. We can then prepare all the necessary documentation, including flood risk assessments, contaminated land reports and environmental impact assessments to assist your application. Our goal is to present a compelling case that addresses key planning considerations and maximises your chances of obtaining approval on your first submission.

Challenging the Regulator in Planning Appeals

Appeal Preparation and Submissions:

In some cases, planning applications may be refused or granted with conditions that are not favourable to your objectives. Our team is experienced in planning appeals and can help you challenge regulatory decisions through the appeals process. We review the reasons for refusal or imposed conditions, conduct a comprehensive analysis of planning policies and relevant case law, and prepare a strong appeal case on your behalf. Our consultants can collaborate with legal experts to ensure that all legal and procedural requirements are met, presenting your case effectively to the appeals inspectorate.


In some instances, it may be beneficial to explore negotiation to resolve planning disputes and achieve a mutually acceptable outcome. Our consultants are adept at facilitating negotiations between all parties involved. We work diligently to find common ground, identify potential compromises, and reach agreements that align with your objectives.

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A client of ours acquired land adjacent to a river with the intention of building a warehouse. However, the company proceeded with the construction without obtaining the necessary planning permission from the local council.

In recent years, UK holidaymakers have shown an increasing preference for staycations, with many choosing caravan parks as their leisure activity.

In 2006, we sized and assisted with an installation of a new sewage treatment at a heritage site to update their foul drainage system.

We undertake this type of WAC or ‘waste testing’ for a number of construction sector and waste sector clients.

In our first case the client ran a small waste transfer station as part of his diversification strategy for his farm.

The primary school in Cumbria became aware of the inadequacy of its existing sewage treatment plant as a result of a visit by their local Environment Agency officer.

A metal recycling waste site in Sheffield faced significant challenges in managing their trade effluent discharge, including compliance with regulatory waste permit set by the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water.

An aquaculture fish farm, located in the UK, hired us to assist with the Environmental Impact Assessment and prevent pollution in their catchment area.

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