Flood Risk Assessment – Warehouse, Greater Manchester

A client of ours acquired land adjacent to a river with the intention of building a warehouse. However, the company proceeded with the construction without obtaining the necessary planning permission from the local council. The council was subsequently informed and upon investigation, found that the land was located in a Flood Zone 3, 2 and 1 across the site. However, the warehouse was constructed without any flood mitigation measures. The council issued an enforcement notice, requiring them to comply with the planning regulations.

To comply with the enforcement notice, we engaged with the local council to conduct a flood risk assessment of the site. We contacted the Environment Agency to gather information about the flood risk posed by the adjacent river. The flood risk assessment concluded that the site was vulnerable to flooding, and it was recommended that a flood defence wall be created utilising a flood risk activities permit. In addition, an access and egress plan was created for the client to follow when flood warnings were implemented in the area. 


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