SuDS Design For Extension To a Mental Health Facility:

The unusual part of this brief was the rapid turnaround that was required by the client. With only 21 days until the existing planning consent expired we had to design a conceptual scheme, consult with local landowners and the LPA and then submit a RIBA 3 developed design for approval.  Matters were of course helped by the fact the LPA was one of the ‘stakeholders’ who would benefit from the new wing at their local hospital but none the less time was tight.

Desk top data including local geology, statutory drainage plans and a search were obtained and reviewed in five working days. A site visit and site investigation was completed in 10 days and a hydraulic model and conceptual design provided to the LPA and a local landowner whose insight into local groundwater levels was crucial in the design adopted of creating a lake to act as a reflective area as well as the flow balancing part of the scheme. 

The LPA did however seek some clarification on matters such as land ownership and drainage details where all answered and provided so that the discharge of the planning condition took place, just in time.  


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