Waste Acceptance Criteria Testing For Several UK Construction Sector Clients

Every client and every site we supply these services to is always slightly different.

As such we undertake this type of WAC orwaste testing’ for a number of construction sector and waste sector clients. Some use the testing to assign wastes from construction sites to the correct disposal option for their ‘Materials Management Plans’. This can be so wastes are sent for immediate recovery such as testing for a reed bed client. 

Alternatively, the materials tested (which are usually ‘soils and inert construction derived wastes’ are used to check that the waste streams are suitable for our many farmers and farming sector clients who use this testing for U1 waste exemption projects such as strengthening lagoons, flood defence, landscaping or simply re-stoning farm tracks. If wastes test none inert of course other treatment and disposal options are required.

Others use similar waste and aggregate testing to check waste streams into their exempt sites or more commonly now inert aggregate facilities operating under an Environmental Permit are producing product streams that are complaint with their sites waste recovery protocols.  Every client’s needs are different but we always have the testing strategy and UKAS accredited labs on hand to help you with your project.

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