Media Training Essentials

Media training is essential for businesses that want to communicate effectively with their stakeholders.

No business wants to be in the spotlight for the wrong reason, and that’s what our Media training for dealing with the fallout from environmental incidents is all about.

If, in the unlikely event of something going wrong such as – an accidental release, contamination of a river, lake or other water course or any number of unexpected incidents, or the impact of such a matter being taken to Court, your senior management team can find themselves in the firing line in front of hostile media, baying for blood. It can be a terrifying experience. 

Working with our partners, Peak Associates provides training to individuals and groups on making a good impression in front of the media. This includes techniques for dealing with print, radio and television journalists in a crisis or dealing with negative media questioning.

Benefits and summary of services provided:

  • We can offer either pro-active training or provide media and public relations advice via specialists during a crisis or court case
  • Our role is to provide concise and jargon free scientific analysis and copy you and your media relations specialist can utilise
  • As this is a specialised area involving skill sets relating to managing environmental harm or legal cases, we can either work with your existing PR team and/or provide specialists in this sector.

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