Surface Water

Are you paying too much to discharge your runoff (surface water) to the local river? Several water companies charge their commercial customers for surface water and highway drainage disposal on a site area basis. This often leads to inaccurate areas being charged for.

At Peak we can check whether you are currently being charged the correct amount for your site. We have uncovered errors in the site plans used by the water companies for charging purposes, the solution of which has led to savings at some sites of thousands of pounds per year.

Our record saving to date was a recovery of just under £90,000 for a hospital where 90% of the discharges were made via their own outfalls to a small brook running through their site. We start any survey with an initial check of your charging band to see whether you are likely to be being charged correctly based on the layout and likely drainage routes at your site. We then check if there is a watercourse rather than a Surface Water sewer nearby.

If we feel there is the possibility of an immediate saving without additional re-drainage work, we can complete all necessary investigations and negotiations with the water companies to reduce your charges on a ‘no win-no fee’ basis. If we fail to make you a saving on your annual charge, we will not charge you for this service.

Following on from our initial investigation and negotiation, our expertise in the field of drainage systems can also be utilised to devise alternative solutions for the disposal of surface water which can ultimately lead to huge cost savings. Reviews are completed by our own specialist staff and our recommendations are tailored to individual circumstances.

Benefits and summary of services provided:

  • An initial desktop check to ensure that you pay only the correct charges/fees
  • Provide alternative means of disposal to reduce your costs if appropriate
  • Fill in all the forms and produce drainage plans to support any application for a refund

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