Peak Associates work with a wide range of clients from privately owned companies, local authorities to multinational organisations operating in the UK.


Legal: Lead Expert For UK plc re. alleged pollution of a UK river

The client in the food and drink sector had a turnover in excess of £3.5 billion was charged with polluting a small UK chalk stream in the East of England.

Research Lancaster / Manchester

In collaboration with Lancaster University’s Centre for Global Eco-Innovation and Manchester Airport Group, Peak Associates delivered a PhD project with Andrew Freeman to tackle this issue.

Residential Property Insurance Claim, Cheshire

During Storm Christoph in January 2021, heavy rainfall caused significant flooding across various parts of the United Kingdom.

Legal: Appointment As Lead Defence Expert For UK plc re. alleged pollution of a UK river via impact on local sewage works

The client who produces several well known UK and International Brands in the food and drink sector has a turnover of circa £400 Million and was accused of discharging trade effluent to a sewer that was out of consent.

New Build Warehouse Pollution, South-West

Our consultancy was recently hired by the owners of a warehouse company to investigate pollution in their surface water interceptor.

UK Aquaculture

An aquaculture fish farm, located in the UK, hired us to assist with the Environmental Impact Assessment and prevent pollution in their catchment area.

Waste Acceptance Criteria Testing For Several UK Construction Sector Clients

We undertake this type of WAC or ‘waste testing’ for a number of construction sector and waste sector clients.
AMS (1)

Waste Clients Caught Without an Environmental Permit

In our first case the client ran a small waste transfer station as part of his diversification strategy for his farm.

Trade Effluent Management / Environmental Management, South Yorkshire

A metal recycling waste site in Sheffield faced significant challenges in managing their trade effluent discharge, including compliance with regulatory waste permit set by the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water.

Legal: Lead Expert For UK plc relating to alleged pollution of a UK river

Situated in Wales this was our first prosecution (but not our only one) led by Natural Resources Wales. Right from the start something did not add up.

Permit to Discharge Variation and Sewage Pollution Prevention, Cumbria Lakes

In recent years, UK holidaymakers have shown an increasing preference for staycations, with many choosing caravan parks as their leisure activity.

Heritage Construction Project for Pollution Prevention, Cheshire

In 2006, we sized and assisted with an installation of a new sewage treatment at a heritage site to update their foul drainage system.

Primary School Sewage Pollution Prevention and Construction Project, Cumbria /Lakes

The primary school in Cumbria became aware of the inadequacy of its existing sewage treatment plant as a result of a visit by their local Environment Agency officer.

SuDS Design For Extension To a Mental Health Facility:

With only 21 days until the existing planning consent expired we had to design a conceptual scheme, consult with local landowners and the LPA and then submit a RIBA 3 developed design for approval. 
Picture 1

Flood Cause Analysis and Ongoing Advice To a Mill Owner Who Is A Charitable Trust

In many ways this work was initially a simple Flood Risk Assessment with the rather unusual twist that the flood had already happened.

Flood Risk Assessment – Warehouse, Greater Manchester

A client of ours acquired land adjacent to a river with the intention of building a warehouse. However, the company proceeded with the construction without obtaining the necessary planning permission from the local council.

Land Contamination and Pollution Incident response after a fire

Peak were appointed by a loss assessor after a fire that started in the garage of a residential property spread to an oil tank used by the local Methodist Church.

Site Investigation at a Bulk Storage Terminal, Yorkshire and Humber Area

This extensive site investigation was for a client we have worked with for over 20 years.

Phase 1 Site Investigation, Stoke

An old pottery factory in Stoke was a long-abandoned site that had been used for the production of ceramics for many decades.

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