Heritage and Leisure

Just like our work for rural schools, most of our work for heritage assets and leisure sites such as Country Halls, Holiday Lodge and Caravan Parks, involves the installation of new sewage treatments. Most come from development where the expansion leads to old plants being asked to cope beyond their capacity or, as with schools, an Environment Agency visit or sampling showing the old plant simply isn’t operating within its limits as before.

We approach this work calmly with the regulator and by using the UK flows and loads guidance to work out what new treatment plant you need (with some scope for development allowed for) based on occupancy, visitor numbers and the types of catering supplied. We’ll also check if we can improve the existing plant by balancing flows or other enhancements before recommending a new plant.

We then typically provide a design brief and then find the optimal plant by approaching at least three to four of the UK’s main treatment plant suppliers. We have no ties or deals with any supplier. We simply advise on the best option for you – this might even involve installing new drainage and a pumping station if the foul sewer is closer than thought, rather than commissioning a new plant.

We’ll then sort out any planning or other regulatory permit required and can assist in tender and construction documents. We’ll even supervise the contractor with or for you. And if we find you have some other drainage or flooding problems, sort these out for you at the same time.

Please see what our clients say about us in this area of work.

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In 2006, we sized and assisted with an installation of a new sewage treatment at a heritage site to update their foul drainage system.

The primary school in Cumbria became aware of the inadequacy of its existing sewage treatment plant as a result of a visit by their local Environment Agency officer.

In recent years, UK holidaymakers have shown an increasing preference for staycations, with many choosing caravan parks as their leisure activity.

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