Land Contamination and Pollution Incident response after a fire

Peak were appointed by a loss assessor after a fire that started in the garage of a residential property spread to an oil tank used by the local Methodist Church. The ensuing fire melted the plastic fuel tank released the hydrocarbon contained within. 

The resulting pollution caused limited contamination of soils as it was largely contained by the dwellings septic tank and drainage infrastructure. Although contained in these systems the discharge was to a soakaway and posed an immediate risk of spreading to the local river around 500m away.

The work involved appointing a specialist clean up contractor to remove oil from the locations it was contained and sampling to confirm the levels where it remained. 

We also informed and worked alongside the local Environment Agency staff, on this occasion so that they attended and to make sure that we could keep the right staff informed of the removal and clean up operation. After just two weeks we were able to show controlled waters were now not at risk.


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