Development & Construction

Delivering investigations to support this sector is our ‘bread and butter’ work and we’ve worked on providing reports to discharge planning conditions from everything from the smallest single-story extensions to some of the tallest and high value buildings in Manchester and London.

Site investigations to discharge contaminated land conditions and information on ground conditions, Flood Risk Assessments and studies to discharge conditions relating to surface water and sustainable drainage, connections to foul, and new treatment plants are our core business.

We have also handled some unqiue needs and survey requests over the years; from an anthrax survey at a North West railway station, to a hunt for missing radiation. Our work with our partners means we can specialise in unusual and bespoke types of one-off investigations.  

Related projects to Development & Construction

The primary school in Cumbria became aware of the inadequacy of its existing sewage treatment plant as a result of a visit by their local Environment Agency officer.

In collaboration with Lancaster University’s Centre for Global Eco-Innovation and Manchester Airport Group, Peak Associates delivered a PhD project with Andrew Freeman to tackle this issue.

With only 21 days until the existing planning consent expired we had to design a conceptual scheme, consult with local landowners and the LPA and then submit a RIBA 3 developed design for approval. 

An old pottery factory in Stoke was a long-abandoned site that had been used for the production of ceramics for many decades.

A client of ours acquired land adjacent to a river with the intention of building a warehouse. However, the company proceeded with the construction without obtaining the necessary planning permission from the local council.

We undertake this type of WAC or ‘waste testing’ for a number of construction sector and waste sector clients.

This extensive site investigation was for a client we have worked with for over 20 years.

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