Primary School Sewage Pollution Prevention and Construction Project, Cumbria /Lakes

The primary school in Cumbria became aware of the inadequacy of its existing sewage treatment plant as a result of a visit by their local Environment Agency officer. The initial visit showed that the works were well above the flow for which a water discharge permit was required. The Environment Agency in effect required the school to replace the plant and obtain a new permit to discharge foul sewage. The school needed a reliable partner to design and resize the new works and scope some redrainage work to remove surface water. Then project manage the entire process from start to finish, including monitoring after the installation was complete. 

The school engaged our Peak Associates to manage the project. We began by carrying out a thorough survey of the site and reviewing the available options for a new sewage treatment plant. We then created a detailed plan of work using the RIBA plan of work stages 1 to 7 to ensure a structured and organised approach to the construction project. Conducting a feasibility study, developing a concept and implementing a detailed design before construction. 

During construction, we discovered a 18th century culvert dating back to when the school was first opened. This heritage was refurbished with liaison with Cumbria council to rebuild a damaged area of the culvert. The communication allowed us to unearth the knowledge of a heritage asset and remove the flood risk from the area alongside Cumbria Council.

Liaising with regulators, including the Environment Agency, Local Council and Lead Local Flood Authority, to acquire the necessary permits and approval required for the new sewage treatment plant. Our team successfully managed the project, ensuring that the school’s sewage treatment plant was replaced with a new, efficient system that prevented pollution. The school was able to continue operating without interruption, and we continue to provide monitoring and maintenance support to ensure the system continues to function effectively.


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