Our increasing population means year on year we consume more products and in essence produce more ‘waste’ from this consumption. The waste industry is therefore set to grow in the UK, but in a way where recovering and reusing or recycling waste is the key driver behind both consumer and regulatory requirements. Peak Associates understands the needs of the waste industry to compete in a both a difficult and ever changing economic and regulatory driven market.

Peak Associates’ consultants have experience with a range of waste operators, waste types, regulators and regulatory guidelines, waste exemptions and permit applications. We aim to help support and guide clients through the regulatory regimes. We therefore deliver a range of services for clients processing or utilising waste materials to operate within regulatory guidelines and environmental law. Read more about Waste here.

Related projects to Waste

We undertake this type of WAC or ‘waste testing’ for a number of construction sector and waste sector clients.

In our first case the client ran a small waste transfer station as part of his diversification strategy for his farm.

A metal recycling waste site in Sheffield faced significant challenges in managing their trade effluent discharge, including compliance with regulatory waste permit set by the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water.

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