Contaminated Land

As one of our core services, we have been undertaking geo investigations in order to discharge planning conditions for over 30 years.

Our contaminated land team is driven by a passion to get sustainable schemes approved by the planners as soon as possible for you.

Contaminated land management is driven by the need to protect human health and controlled waters, based on the policies of the Local Authority and the Environment Agency. So at Peak Associates, we have extensive experience of contaminated land management on both operational facilities and also on sites identified for development.

We are adept at scoping and undertaking investigations after a spillage or loss of product has been lost to ground and groundwater. Please see our services relating to managing such pollution incidents.

Our services for developers include:

  • A ‘desk-top’ study to see if further investigations are justified.
  • Scoping and delivery of Geo-environmental investigations.
  • Advice on any remediation and validation required.

Please see below for how these services are delivered.  Whether your concerns are over a recent spillage, current or historic operations on your site, or a planning application, Peak Associates offer cost-effective assessments of ground contamination, and remediation or containment options.

Our aim is to minimise risks to our clients and future users of the land that is being investigated.

Phase 1 Assessments (Preliminary Risk Assessments)

  • Our desk-based studies (sometimes called Phase 1) are the start of the process but will always involve a walkover survey and visit to the site.
  • This provides information relating to the likely conditions on site in order for that potential Source, Pathway and Receptor relationships to be identified. This analysis, in essence, creates what is called a Conceptual Site Model.
  • The analysis of where pollution might migrate to and the level of risk and impact possible is qualitatively analysed to see if sampling is required or justified.
  • To complete this task, the desk study involves obtaining and reviewing historical land use, geological, hydrogeological and hydrological information. It can also incorporate the review of previous site assessments where available.
  • We’ll then either recommend a fully scoped Phase 2 investigation, undertake some limited sampling or rule out the need for any further work. At all stages, our aim is to use the information available to assess any liability issues associated with the site and seek approval for the conclusions from the regulators.

Phase 2 (Intrusive) Investigations

If required, any intrusive (sampling) investigation will target either source areas, pathways or receptors in order to determine whether remedial action will be necessary as part of the development of the site or whether current conditions are acceptable for the proposed use of the site.

A remedial options appraisal is then usually undertaken at this stage if the results indicate this is required.

Remediation and Validation

Removal (of sources), encapsulation or remediation can be required, based on the findings of previous investigations.

If remediation is considered necessary, Peak Associates’ team of former regulators will provide a remedial options appraisal for the site and provide an independent appraisal of remediation proposals provided by specialist contractors.

We can also provide supervision of simple remedial works on site, if required, (such as source removal) and collect validation samples following remedial work in order to provide a Validation Statement to confirm that the site has been effectively remediated to the required standard.

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