Residential Property Insurance Claim, Cheshire

During Storm Christoph in January 2021, heavy rainfall caused significant flooding across various parts of the United Kingdom. Among the affected areas were two neighbouring houses in a low-lying area in Cheshire, where the water levels rose, and the houses flooded to the second story. The homeowners of the two properties filed an insurance claim with their insurer. The assessors inspected the properties and found that the houses had sustained extensive water damage. 

We were commissioned to resolve the future flood risk to the properties and determine whether the houses that were built were suitable for inhabitants. After an extensive investigation of desk-based level material and an understanding the sustainable drainage of the site, our team visited the area to carry out a site investigation. The walkover confirmed our hypothesis that the houses were extremely vulnerable to flooding when storm conditions occur. The drainage system’s design was neither suitable nor sustainable to protect the houses from surface water and groundwater flooding.

Our expert flood risk assessment was able to assist in the insurance claim for both householders in which they received £500,000 in damages. This case study highlights the importance of carrying out proper construction risk assessments concerning sustainable drainage and flood risk prevention. The necessary construction regulations work to prevent property damage during extreme weather events. The insurance company’s use our expert advice and professional reports to assess the claims they receive.


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